Ash Rapids Lodge

Our secluded location in Ash Bay connects you to Shoal Lake and Shoal Lake Narrows by way of the Ash Rapids. Within a ten mile radius, a maze of islands and waterways form a fisherman’s paradise. These sheltered waters can be fished everyday, regardless of weather. They are known to have the finest Small Mouth Bass, Walleye, Northern Pike and Muskie fishing. With our staff of experienced, reliable guides, you will receive a navigator of the lake, an expert fisherman, and a fabulous shorelunch.

Your trip commences when you arrive at our landing in Kendall Inlet. From there, you will be escorted by boat to our lodge. While our staff take your luggage to your cabin, you are welcome to visit the lodge for a cup of coffee and to obtain your fishing permit.

Once checked in, retreat to your cabin and prepare for your adventure.

If you are on the American Plan, each morning your guides will get your boat, lunch and drinks ready for the day. While you’re out, your cabin will be cleaned, made ready for your return when you come off the water. If you prefer to stay without cleaning and meal services, check out our Housekeeping rates.

If you are parking your vehicle and/or trailer at the landing, you need not worry. It is our private property, and our winter residence, and has ample parking. Our staff is in and out of there every day, it is never left alone for long so vehicles are safe.

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