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If you are parking your vehicle and/or trailer at the landing on Kenricia Road, you need not worry. It is our private property, and our winter residence, and has ample parking. Our staff is in and out of there every day, it is never left alone for long, so vehicles are quite safe. Once you arrive at the landing, take the main driveway (with the sign) down to unload your belongings. Once unloaded, please find a space to park, leaving room for trailers. If you go back up the hill, there is lots of parking down the first driveway.


If you are flying to us, we recommend booking your flight into Winnipeg, MB. It is the closest International Airport. From here you can rent a vehicle, or contact us about hiring transportation to and from Kenora. On the road, head east out of Winnipeg on the Trans Canada Highway (#1). It is about a 2 1/2 hour drive from the airport to our landing. Off the highway, turn right onto Kenricia Rd, then take your first right turn onto FR 1. We are the first and second driveways, 1a and 1b, there is an Ash Rapids Landing sign at the top of the main driveway.

USA travellers

Passports are required for travel between Canada and the US.

Before travel you can find more information on Border Crossings at the CBSA.

You can find information on Non-Resident Fishing Licenses here.

General Travel

Local Weather Forecast: Weather Office

GST Refunds: CRA

Canadian Resident Fishing Licenses

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